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When you think of a luxurious living space, you probably imagine marble. It is no surprise, either. Marble has been a favorite of designers, sculptors, and architects alike for millennia. The look and feel of marble, as well as its durability, really makes it legendary and timeless.

With marble countertops in your home, you can feel like you are living in a five-star luxury mansion each day. With the great deals from Capitol Granite in Williamsburg, you can skip the five-star luxury price, though! We specialize in customized countertops to fit your vision exactly. From quick redesigns in a single room to total home renovations, choose us first for our experience, industry knowledge, professionalism, and courteous crew.

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What You Should Know About Marble Countertops

Everyone can appreciate marble countertops. Does that mean everyone should have marble countertops throughout their home? If you ask our Williamsburg countertop design experts, yes. However, there are a few things you should know about marble before you commit to a big countertop purchase or project.

Four things you should know about marble countertops now:

  • Porous surface: Marble is a naturally-occurring rock, and many marble countertops are formed without much processing. As such, it is porous and vulnerable to permanent stains. You should consider sealing your marble countertops immediately after installation and resealing them once or twice a year to keep them protected.
  • Scratches happen: Marble is durable, but it is not necessarily scratch resistant. Using a high quality blade for chopping right on your counter could leave scratches.
  • Mild heat resistance: Placing a hot pot or other cookware directly onto a marble countertop and leaving it there for a while could discolor the surface. It is advised you do not put any hot surface onto your marble countertop, sealed or not.
  • Affordability: The elegance of marble cannot be denied. As a luxurious material, it can come in rare forms and options, which will be priced fairly high. Do not be too alarmed, though. Our team can help you find the right marble countertop that meets your vision and your budget.

Get marble countertops in Williamsburg from Capitol Granite. We make it fun and easy to shop! Contact us today.

Reviews from
Happy customers

  • 15/10 would highly recommend giving them a try!

    “We had such an amazing experience with Capitol Granite! I was clueless about countertop options. Serena helped guide me along and gave me very helpful tips and advice to help us choose our final option. We were kind of in a time crunch and needed our countertops done quickly. Unfortunately we did not end up choosing the quartz that had the quick turn around, but Serena was able to get our countertops expedited for us! We also chose a type of granite that they were currently out of stock and they took us to the company that they buy their granite from and let us pick which lot we wanted to use! I cannot say enough good things about this company! They went above and beyond for us! I am so thankful that we used them! 15/10 would highly recommend giving them a try!”

    Chloe Elaine Kellam

  • Billy and his crew were awesome!

    “Great experience...again. Billy and his crew were awesome. They called before they came, showed up on time, and finished their work quickly and it looks great. We will definitely use Capitol Granite the next time we install a new countertop.”

    Suzanne Caldwell O'Donnell

  • Capitol Granite has done work for us 3 times now!

    “Capitol Granite has done work for us 3 times now. Each experience has been extremely positive including the staff during ordering, laser measurement, and installation! The work has been consistently high quality and their pricing is always extremely competitive! The selection of slabs and the variety of stock to pick from is unparalleled! The latest experience was incredibly fast which was only 7 calendar days from selection to installation! Unbelievable! If you have any counter needs regardless of room....give them a try! You won’t regret it!”


  • When we have a need we will be back!!

    “Knowledgeable staff, so many nice choices of counter top to choose from! They were on time to measure as well as to install! Very satisfied with customer service! When we have a need we will be back!! thanks!!!”

    Mary Wilmetti

  • They cleaned up their mess and did a very nice job. I would highly recommend Capitol’s work.

    “Fabulous job. I have to confess to being a bit concerned when I saw three young show up to the job site, however they very good and very fast. They were polite and asked if I had any questions. They cleaned up their mess and did a very nice job. I would highly recommend Capitol’s work. We have used them before and been just as pleased. Thank you”

    Pete M.

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