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honed marble colors marble countertops richmond va white marble

Marble is any limestone or dolomite that can take a high polish and still be usable and it is generally formed from limestone undergoing metamorphism. When exposed to extremes of pressure or heat limestone turns into calcite or dolomite crystals, which are the primary materials in marble. This is one of the reasons people are drawn to it for the countertops, flooring, and bathroom vanities. Please contact Capitol Granite if you wish to discuss in detail the pros and cons of marble surfaces for your kitchen, bathroom, or flooring. You can also view Capitol Granite’s live inventory here.



marble countertops richmond va bathroom

The uses for marble are almost endless. It is used in flooring, kitchen counter topsbathroom countertops, bathroom vanities, bars, pillars, stair cases, colonnades, paneling, and facing stone in architectural structures. It can’t however be used outdoors, since water would corrode its crystalline structure. It is also very smooth and therefore tends to be slippery, which makes it unfavorable to use in high traffic areas. However, it is not ideal for use on kitchen countertops because it scratches easily, and not as strong  as granite, and is primarily used in bathroom vanities. People do still  use marble in high end kitchens that are more for show than common usage. It’s these properties that make marble suited to some of the more delicate arts. It can be crafted into beautiful home furnishings, and it has been the material used in many of the worlds most beautiful sculptures. It is one of the most beautiful, elegant, historically prevalent stones that can be used. This is why so many people choose marble countertops, marble flooring, and marble for their bathroom vanities


Most people associate it with luxury due to its uses in expensive or royal historical buildings. It is also a prized material for kitchen countertops. The fact remains that the beauty of it is still greatly appreciated. Being a natural stone with a distinctive look, it will most likely remain popular for a long time to come. The delicately ‘marbled’ surface has an elegant simplicity to it.

marble countertops richmond va bathroom
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