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Sensa Granite

Experience the beauty of a SenSa Granite countertop. Each slab of granite is one-of-a-kind and carefully quarried by Cosentino using state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality stone. Strength, durability and uniqueness make SenSa Granite the ideal choice for kitchen countertops as well as other surfaces in the home.

You will find that SenSa Granite offers an array of colors to match any decor or project. Every SenSa Granite slab has SenGuard technology applied in Cosentino’s modern fabrication facilities. This SenGuard protection allows Cosentino to offer an industry leading 15-year warranty against staining. It ensures that the natural beauty of your SenSa Granite countertop will remain intact for years to come.

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SenSa Granite Countertops FAQ:

What is SenSa Granite?

  • SenSa Granite by Cosentino is a collection of high-quality granite surfaces, in 20 beautiful colors from Cosentino. Each slab includes SenGuard technology applied during the manufacturing process. This ground-breaking sealant protects SenSa granite from stains and scratches. SenSa is the only commercial granite on the market with a 15-Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

How is SenSa Granite different from other commercial granites?

  • SenSa Granite is produced and backed by Cosentino, pioneers and leaders in the modern surfacing industry. In addition to SenSa’s brilliant line of all-natural granite colors and commitment to quality, each slab of SenSa Granite is sealed with SenGuard sealer and comes backed with a 15-Year Limited Warranty.

Does SenSa Granite include a warranty?

  • SenSa backs all installed countertop projects with an industry-leading 15-Year Limited Warranty. SenSa’s warranty covers structural manufacturing defects. For more information on what our warranty does and does not cover, click here.

Is SenSa Granite a low-maintenance surface?

  • SenSa Granite is easy to care for and keep clean. SenSa’s SenGuard technology allows for easy clean-up and keeps your countertops sealed and protected for 15 years. While other commercial granites require yearly sealing, SenSa requires little maintenance. Clean your countertops with only water and a mild detergent.

SenSa Granite is low maintenance and easy to clean:

  • Unlike most granite, SenSa Granite does not require yearly sealing for up to 15 years.
  • To clean, simply use soapy water or a gentle household cleaner and wipe the surface dry.
  • Protect countertop surfaces from direct heat sources with coasters or placemats.
  • Do not use polishes or waxes.