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Green Granite

Looking to make a statement in your kitchen or bath? Green granite is the way to go. Green granite has arguably the most variables when it comes to secondary colors, offering a little something for everyone! While most of the other colors have only minor differences, green has a wide variety of different supporting colors. For example, Emerald Pearl from Norway is green with aqua and blue shadings complimenting white and light cabinets. Forest Green from India is green with rose and gray shades giving it a softer more subtle allure. Peacock Green Granite, on the other hand, weaves together iridescent blues, greens and blacks making it a bold and brilliant addition to your decor. It is even possible to find greens with fleck of gold and copper or black striping. This great difference in secondary colors makes green marble particularly attractive to those who like a variety and spontaneity in their decoration. Please explore our extensive collection of Green Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Colors below , and let Capitol Granite know when you have found your perfect stone for your project.