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Blue Granite

Blue granites are prized primarily for the beauty in their patterns. These textures or patterns come from the minerals of the stone. These patterns fall into two categories. They can be veined, meaning minerals create a different color from the base color and form veins or swirls in the stone. The other type is homogeneous, meaning the varying minerals are distributed evenly for a uniform pattern or structure. Typically they have a blue and black base, but secondary colors range from whites, grays, browns and other shades of blue. Blue granites are quarried mostly in coastal Africa, Norway, Ukraine and Brazil. Of the blue granites, Azul granites are the most sought after for their beauty and rarity. These usually display a bold patter winning them the position of second-most popular granite. Take a look at our extensive collection of Blue Granite colors below  and let us know when you have found the perfect stone for your project.