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FAQs about Services in Richmond

Answered by Our Experienced & Skilled Contractors

Whether you're simply replacing your cabinets or installing a new countertop, Capitol Granite Design Center can help. We specialize in kitchen remodeling and are highly experienced in handling a wide range of projects.

Make an appointment by contacting us at (804) 265-4751. We serve the Greater Richmond Area with locations in Midlothian and Glen Allen.

  • What is a Natural Stone Surface countertop?

    There are many different types such as Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Quartzite and Limestone. These are natural materials, with natural characteristics and are mined in quarries all over the world.

  • What is a Quartz (or Natural Quartz) countertop?

    This material has the look and feel of natural stone, but is actually stronger due to its engineered make-up. This material is typically made of 93% natural quartz, manufactured with resin, colorants and other materials. The end result is a material that does not stain, does not require sealing and will not breed bacteria.

  • What is a Solid Surface countertop?

    This is a man-made material that does not stain, does not require sealing and will not breed bacteria. This material has the ability to be adhered together, allowing a “seamless” appearance, although the seams are meant to be inconspicuous, but not invisible.

  • Do You Offer a Warranty?

    Absolutely. We offer warranties for all of our products and services. Simply ask for written documentation outlining the warranty specifications. Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% educated and prepared for the remodeling process.

  • How should I clean my countertops?

    For most materials, every day cleaning can be accomplished with mild dish soap and water. We offer our stone cleaning product that is a 3-in-1 cleaner, polish and protectant that we call “Da-Good-Stuff” in our showrooms, but there are also cleaners available at your local home improvement stores. To avoid water streaks, wipe counters dry after cleaning. Windex® (without ammonia) or similar products can be used to clean up excess oil but are not recommended for daily use due to the acidic levels in the product.

  • I left a cold drink on my hard surface and now there is a dark ring. What do I do?

    Nothing. Just as the cold liquid inside the glass pulled water from the air to create sweat on the outside of the glass, the cold has condensed water (under the sealer) within the stone. Simply remove the glass; wipe up excess water, the condensed water within the stone will dissipate, typically within 24 hours.

  • Why are customers encouraged to view their natural stone slabs prior to fabrication?

    Stone is a natural material and color variations, veining, pitting, inclusions, fissures, fill and other naturally- occurring characteristics are very common and perfectly normal. There may be vast differences between samples viewed and a customer’s actual material. Because this material is a natural product, consistency cannot be guaranteed, even within a single slab. Some materials are very consistent while other colors may change in color/shading/veining from slab to slab or within the slab (from top to bottom or left to right).

  • Can I use my countertop as a cutting board?

    While you can find websites that indicate it is ok to use certain countertop materials as a cutting board (darker granites, quartz), we always recommend not to do it. If you want to purchase a matching cutting board for your kitchen, please ask us and we can get you pricing.

  • Can I place hot items directly on my countertops?

    Some granites can tolerate temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees (F.) and you might be able to put direct heat on the countertop. Capitol Granite recommends never putting items from your oven, stove top or grill directly on the granite surface without a trivet or hot pad. Once items have cooled, placing them directly on the stone countertop would be acceptable.
    For quartz, it is recommended to use a trivet and direct heat is not advisable due to the chemical makeup of this material.
    For solid surfaces, plastic laminate and wood, No. These materials are much softer and direct heat is not advisable.

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