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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Services

In a typical kitchen remodel, the contractor will install all of the cabinets first. After cabinet installation is completed the contractor schedules a countertop templator to come to the home and template the countertops. This process can take up to a week depending on the season, location, and size of the job. No contractor wants to take responsibility for final fit and detail – that responsibility shifts to the countertop manufacturer as soon as the template occurs!

For a complete kitchen remodel, the typical time between the cabinets being permanently set to the installation of the countertops is typically about a 2-week process. Kitchen remodels take an average of  30-35 days to complete.

Primarily, the remodeler is a general contractor who subcontracts out the various trades (plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets & countertops) and is subject to their schedules.

At Capitol Granite Design Center we control ALL aspects of the kitchen remodel! The subcontractor variable is removed, allowing us to capitalize on a shorter time frame. The ‘mobilization’ day (the day we begin to demolish your kitchen) is established when we have an arrival date on your cabinets.

The Capitol Granite Demo to Done Process

Day 1

Demo old kitchen and begin flooring installation.

Day 2

Finish flooring and set lower cabinets.

Day 3

Set countertop, finish trimming cabinets, and set upper cabinets.

Day 4

Install backsplash, paint, hook up plumbing & electrical.

Day 5

Punch list, knobs, trim, & appliances.


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