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Many people are now using granite for more than just their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Many homeowners use granite pieces that they have left over from a larger granite project to create a unique design within their homes.  Some ideas for using Corian around the house include using Corian remnants for:


  • A  bathroom vanity – it’s easy to tie a home together when the bathroom vanity matches the kitchen counter.
  • A cutting board – using Corian for a matching cutting board will not only look lovely, but help protect your new granite countertop and keep it looking new longer.
  • Outdoor living spaces – using Corian in the yard can create a beautiful and unique set of pathway stones.
  • A fireplace — the mantel and surround of a fireplace acts as the focal point of a room.  Using Corian (polished or raw) can create a rich and visually interesting fireplace.
  • Repairs — holding on to any remnant left over from your kitchen countertop is helpful if there is ever an area that needs to be repaired or replaced.



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