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How To Clean Granite Countertops

How Do You Clean Granite Countertops

Are you searching the web for the proper ways on how to clean granite countertops? Then look no further because the Capitol Granite specialists will show you how! This short guide will walk you through all of the necessary steps you must take when cleaning granite countertops. A lot of people say Windex is the best way to clean your granite tops, unfortunately, this is not true! Do not use Windex to clean off your countertops, you must use a special cleaner made specifically for granite surface tops. For a deeper look into the proper ways to clean granite countertops, keep reading below.

Do’s And Dont’s For Cleaning Granite

Do: Seal Granite Countertops

Although granite is known to be an extremely hard surface that is also less porous than marble, unsealed granite will soak up spills, oils, and stains. If you are not sure whether your granite countertops are sealed, drop a small amount of water on the surface. If the water drops bead up then this means you do in fact have sealed countertops. If you see that the water soaks into the granite then you should consider resealing the stone.

Do: Be Very Gentle

When you are going to wipe off your countertops, all you have to do is take some warm water, mild dish soap, & and a washcloth. Dampen the washcloth in the warm soapy water mix and gently wipe off your granite countertops until they are clean.

Don’t: Use Abrasive Or Harsh Sponges And Cleaners

Stay far away from acidic cleaners such as lemon, lime, vinegar, and anything that may contain bleach or ammonia. When these chemicals are frequently used, will cause the sealant to weaken and dull. Sealants break down much faster when you use harsh chemicals. The harsher the cleaner, the faster the sealant breaks down.

Disinfecting Granite

A granite countertop that is sealed correctly, is impervious to germs or bacteria. Dish soap and hot water are adequate for day to day sanitizing. If you are looking for something a bit stronger than consider mixing water and isopropyl alcohol. Mix together a 50/50 solution using those two liquids and then spray it on the granite countertop. Let the solution sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse the countertop with water & dry it off with a microfiber cloth. Stay away from ammonia and bleach-based cleaners.

Using A Safe Granite Cleaner

There are so many different granite cleaner options in the market today. A lot of cleaners claim that they are safe to use on granite. If you’d like, you could use those cleaners that are made specifically to clean granite countertops or you could also follow the next few steps below to clean and disinfect your tops.

What You’ll Need

  • Gentle Dish Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Dish Cloth
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Clean Microfiber Cloth
  • Spray Bottle


  1. Dampen the dishcloth with warm soapy water: 

    Fill up your sink with warm water and add mild dish soap. Then take a clean dishcloth and wet it in the water.

  2. Wipe the granite countertops:

    Simply take the damp dishcloth and wipe down your counters as you mean it! Wipe away crumbs and spills.

  3. Dry off your tops:

    Now dry & buff the granite with a soft terry cloth towel or a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking.

  4. Make an isopropyl alcohol and water solution: 

    To disinfect your countertops, remove any soap residue, restore shine, you’ll want to mix a 50/50 solution containing water and isopropyl alcohol.

  5. Disinfect & shine:

    Take the solution and spray it on the granite surface and let it sit for 3 – 5 minutes. Rinse the countertop with water and then dry it off with a clean or new microfiber cloth.

  6. Now enjoy:

    Now you have shiny and clean granite countertops! Enjoy

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