How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look in Your Bathroom

The “modern farmhouse” aesthetic has taken that States by storm, and this trend’s classic, laid-back appeal is not on its way out anytime soon. If you’ve read our piece on farmhouse kitchens, you’ll remember that achieving this rustic-meets-contemporary look comes down to the details.

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can give it some farmhouse charm with just a few key materials, minimal accessories, and a neutral color palette enhanced by patterns and textures.

Add Dimension to Neutral Surfaces

farmhouse bathroom vessel sink round mirror shiplap

Clean, white walls are a design staple of most modern farmhouse bathrooms. Give those monochromatic walls some depth by covering one or more in shiplap or subway tile.

modern farmhouse bathroom subway tile honeycomb floor black fixtures

In smaller doses, cloudy-white marble tile in a herringbone or honeycomb pattern can offer a playful texture without making the space “too busy” or claustrophobic. If you simply can’t fight your inner bohemian-farmer (and why would you want to?), go beyond textures and transform your bathroom floor with striking patterned tiles in black and white.

modern farmhouse bathroom with black and white tile floor

Go Warmer and Darker with Fixtures and Hardware

modern farmhouse bathroom with dark metal fixtures

It’s tough to achieve a rustic look when your bathroom is still sporting brushed nickel or polished chrome lights, drawer pulls, and plumbing fixtures. Switch out these bright, silvery metals and opt for antique brass, bronze, or black finishes.

modern farmhouse antique brass bronze black plumbing faucets

Make a Splash with a Vessel Sink

modern farmhouse bathroom with vessel sink shiplap

Vessel sinks are delightfully nostalgic, a modern-day throwback to the pitcher and washbasin. For a farmhouse appeal that can transition into other styles, opt for a vessel sink that’s round and white. If you lean more towards a country vibe, try a sink made of hammered copper!

modern farmhouse vessel sinks

Incorporate Natural Textures

modern farmhouse bathroom with wood vanity marble counter

A few elements of nature are essential to completing the farmhouse look in any room. When it comes to the bathroom, anchor the space with a stone vanity. Black marble and white marble are popular choices due to their simple beauty and enduring style. Quartz is also popular because of its ability to mimic the look of marble with less upkeep.

modern farmhouse bathroom with marble counter and shiplap

Along with stone, bring in some wood in the form of open shelving, exposed beams, a privacy screen, or wall accessories--you name it. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate repurposed frames you find at antique shops and second-hand stores. And don’t forget to add a plant or two, even if they’re artificial!

modern farmhouse bathroom decor and accessories

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