Kitchen Trends 2019

The Latest Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2019

Are you looking for the latest kitchen trends for 2019? Capitol Granite Design Center has put together this article with the top trends to look for in 2019. Kitchen trends are always shifting & evolving. Remember back when all white kitchens were what everybody wanted? Well, for 2019, we have compiled predictions for kitchen trends and design that the top influencers in the industry swear by! A lot of the top kitchen design experts are expecting a shift into more traditional and classic styles with a modern twist.

dark wood bathroom cabinetsTrend Number One: Expose Wood Cabinets

Kitchen design experts expect to see a lot of rich cabinetry and countertop styles with natural finishes. This means a lot of navy cabinets & laminate surfaces may potentially not be as common. Wood cabinets are making a huge comeback in 2019 which signals that homeowners are searching for more longevity in their kitchen design choices.

Trend Number Two: Earthy Colors

It is predicted that earthy colors or tones are going to be a huge hit in 2019 when compared to brighter colors like blues, blacks, and whites, which will go really well with natural wood surface colors. A lot of people will be embracing taupe, off-white, and gray paint colors. These colors bring a warmth into home spaces and it brings a more modern feel and look to your environment.

Trend Number Three: Smart Kitchen Technology

It’s quite crazy to think that we will be entering the year 2019 already. Time truly does fly. With so much advancement in the world, technology is a trend that will gain much popularity in this upcoming year. A lot of handy technology items that can be used in the kitchen and bath have the cool voice control integration. Smart home technology products that aid in conserving energy and water is going to be a major staple in the years to come, especially with Alexa making her presence all over.

Trend Number Four: Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel or metal appliances and finishes like drawer pull, faucet finishes, and handles etc. are going to replace the ideal white or silver finishes that are ideal for every home. Black stainless steel home appliances are going to gain tons of traction. Matte black appliances & other home detail products are going to also gain popularity. A lot of home design and kitchen trend specialists believe that this wave will gain momentum and soon enough, homeowners will also be looking at fixtures in these colors. Black stainless options bring a beautiful modern and fresh look to any condo or any house.

2019 Kitchen Trend Experts

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