December Employee of the Month: John Dominguez

Capitol Granite is proud to announce John Dominguez as our December “Employee of the Month”.

John has been a part of our Capitol Granite team since March 2010. John is talented in many areas of fabrication and has honed his skills as a Polisher over the years, making him our Lead Polisher. He trains our new employees as well as showing the tricks of the trade to other Polishers on our Capitol team. John has a great eye for detail, making sure his work is correct before passing his work on to our Quality Assurance. John is always willing to stay late or come to work early – always with a smile on his face.

John is also bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently. He is always willing to help Communicate to customers as well as direct other members of our Capitol team that speak Spanish.

Capitol Granite is proud to have John Dominguez on our team! Thank you for all you do!