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  • Fissures and Cracks
    Fissures and Cracks

    The different between Fissures and Cracks. From the experts at Capitol Granite.

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  • Offering Plumbing, Electrical, Gas, and Tile
    Offering Plumbing, Electrical, Gas, and Tile

    In addition to kitchen countertops, vanities, and bathroom countertops , Capitol Granite now offers turn-key services including tear-outs, plumbing reconnection, electrical & gas reconnection, and ...

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  • Fabricators

    Not all are created equal, and you get what you pay for. Machines and their processes create repeatable beautiful kitchens. Do your homework.

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  • Key Drivers
    Key Drivers

    For the most part both functional and visual properties are equally considered by designers and clients. Customers ask for granite, but they may be looking for a performance product like quartz. They ...

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  • Lead Safe Housing Rule
    Lead Safe Housing Rule

    Capitol Granite is LRRP certified by the EPA to treat residences built prior to 1978 when removal of old countertops or other deconstruction is required disturbing more than 6 Ft2 per room.

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  • Granite

    Granite is by far still the most popular kitchen choice, but designers are noticing consumers are wanting ‘something different’ with the same material. This is often accomplished through different ...

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