Q: What Criteria Should Be Considered for Interior Applications?

A: The selection begins by focusing on vertical or horizontal planes. Interior vertical surfaces factor in highly used areas, mainly in commercial buildings, which lead to stones that are dense, resistance, and easily maintained and in variably prove to be a better choice in long-term investments. Water resistance becomes important in areas such as fountains and showers because the stones must be able to endure constant water projections and for showers hot steam. Traffic is a consideration in interior horizontal surfaces, especially when selecting floor stone. Heavy-volume traffic needs to withstand vehicles or carts, high heels, mud and sand, salting compounds, etc, requiring stone of maximum resistance. In medium-volume traffic areas dimension stones with a honed finish work well and are more easily maintained as they mask wear like scratching and etching on the surface. In residential areas and other light-volume traffic zones making a decision based on aesthetics as long as maintenance is kept up. Functionality is the primary concern in selecting countertop stones. The handling of food is a major factor in kitchens, where as lavatory tops see little wear besides pollutants in cosmetics and can be chosen more or less to taste.